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New guide gives ergonomics advice on cycling

Ergonomics Guide to CyclingIf you are planning to take up cycling for the first time or have just discovered the appeal of bicycles, we have an Ergonomics Guide to Cycling available as a download that could get you thinking.

It summarises some of the issues you need to take into account so that the bike is right for you and some of the safety considerations to take into account. The chances are you will have thought of these points but the guide provides a bit of a checklist and raises a couple of areas that you might not consciously think about. Do you demonstrate situational awareness? Probably, but it will help to know how useful this is and to make sure that you apply this when out on the road.

There is also much more detailed advice for cyclists available on numerous websites and we have highlighted some of these sites in a resources list at the end of an article about cyclists and blind spots.